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Iscream Iscream Tie Dye Letter Patches

Message us on instagram @coveyhouse or email us at [email protected] for letter availability!


Iscream Solar System String Lights

Light up the night with our solar system planet string lights. The planets, which are battery-powered LED lights, are on a string that can be hung over your bed, above your desk or in a play area.Wherever they go one thing is for sure: they're out of this


Iscream Earth Slow Rise Pillow

You can squish the whole world in your hands with our planet earth 3D slow rise pillow. This fleece pillow slowly returns to its original shape after you give it a squeeze. It's like a giant squishy that doubles as a pillow.


Iscream Mermaid Reversable Sequin Eye Mask

Bedtime is about to get a lot more glam! This mermaid reversible sequin eye mask colorful, sparkly mermaid scales that flip with a swipe of your hand. Add a satin lining to all of that goodness and you have one seriously luxurious gift.

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